Why Alcide

The RIGHT Security Solution for Kubernetes

Born in the Cloud. For the Cloud.

Alcide was born to solve challenges for Kubernetes deployments. We created a new kind of a Kubernetes security solution: one designed specifically for the complex multi-cluster Kubernetes environments, and one that works for all the stakeholders who operate and protect in this new era: DevOps, security teams and cloud architects.

Tailored for Kubernetes

Alcide Advisor provides policy-driven Kubernetes scan, automatic updates, consuming reports from multiple clusters in a single dashboard, and enforcing policies using admission controller.

We Are Cool.

Alcide was named a Gartner Cool Vendor for Cloud Security in 2018.

Read Alcide: Officially a Gartner Cool Vendor in Cloud Security

DevSecOps Love Us. Security Trust Us.

We speak the language of DevOps, with our real-time Kubernetes security, hardening and hygiene checks applied through CI+CD pipeline, and speak the language of SecOps, with our visibility and enforcement applied into your Kubernetes deployments to unfold this black box.

Simplicity IN Complexity OUT

We simplify Kubernetes based platforms security. When the network becomes software-based, deployments are continuous and system are more distributed than ever, you need a security solution that can simplify it all together. We do that by providing high-resolution workload level runtime network security that combines policy, and AI-based detection and prevention of threats. We complement the runtime security with simple, friction-free Kubernetes resources hygiene from CI+CD.

Alcide kAudit: Kubernetes Audit Logs Monitoring and Investigation

Real-time, Automated K8s Forensics and Analysis.

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