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Kubernetes Security
That Simply Works.

Loved By DevOps, Trusted By Security Teams.

The Alcide SaaS platform provides seamless Kubernetes security fully integrated into the DevOps lifecycle and processes. The  platform is deployed at the “speed of the cloud”, integrates with CI/CD tools and best practices in an automated way, while providing the most comprehensive Kubernetes security. Being a SaaS based platform allows Alcide to be easy to deploy, easy to maintain and easy to use.

The platform provides the most Kubernetes comprehensive security and compliance check focusing where the Kubernetes attacks actually occur. It scans the Kubernetes infrastructure, analyzes the Kubernetes audit logs, prevents misconfiguration drifts at the admission control, and goes deep into the Kubernetes network traffic. Thus, provides full visibility into the Kubernetes environment from design to production.

Tailored for Kubernetes.

Alcide is the only platform which is geared to address the fast and everchanging Kubernetes environment. The platform is constantly updated with the latest Kubernetes threats and vulnerabilities, and detects unknown threats using a unique Kubernetes-tailored AI engine.
The Alcide platform provides policy-driven Kubernetes scans, automatic updates, collected reports from multiple clusters in a single dashboard, and enforces policies using admission controller.


Known and Unknown K8 Threats Detection

The Alcide Threat Detection engine leverages Machine Learning algorithms to detect behavior anomalies and security incidents, known and unknown. The platform offers protection against attacks that are either overlooked or go undetected by traditional protection layers, including abnormal behaviors and security incidents such as DNS exfiltration, spoofing, poisoning, and lateral movement.

Alcide provides out-of-the-box Threat Detection engine which follows the MITRE ATT@CK model. The platform is equipped with pre-defined analytics and alerts set. Alerts are detected both in the design stage as well as in real-time in production , allowing Security and DevOps teams to quickly respond and mitigate potential threats, minimizing Mean Time to Respond.

Focus where the K8 attacks happen

The Alcide platform helps identify Kubernetes cluster(s) resources weaknesses which attackers leverage. By focusing on the Kubernetes infrastructure design the platform covers the most extensive attacks surface and the most critical vulnerabilities in Kubernetes. By monitoring both admission control and the Kubernetes control plane audit logs, no attack can go un-notice. Finally the Alcide platform deep network traffic analysis ensures even the most complexed attacks to be detected and addressed in the Kubernetes environment.  This can be especially helpful in large and complex environments where there are many assets, users, and permissions and even multi-cloud aspects which are challenging to track.

Simple to Use, Simple to Deploy, Simple to Maintain

The Alcide platform simplifies platform-based security for Kubernetes with a security solution which is deployed in minutes and is fully streamlined in the Kubernetes pipeline. The SaaS-based platform provides end-to-end security and compliance from configuration through deployment to runtime which is robust, yet easy to use and easy to maintain.  The platform drives frictionless Kubernetes resource compliance and hygiene for CI/CD, and retaining it throughout deployment and runtime.

Alcide kAudit: Kubernetes Audit Logs Monitoring and Investigation

See the difference that a real-time and automated K8s forensics and analysis can make.


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