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The K8s
Experts Forum

CTOs Talk Kubernetes and SaaS
April 30, 2020 | 9am PDT • 12pm EDT • 4pm GMT

Join the CTOs of Alcide, Spot, Whitesource, Codefresh, Epsagon and CircleCI as they talk about K8s, SaaS and everything in between.

Live Q&A On Our Slack Channel Join now!
Live Q&A On Our Slack Channel Join now!

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Gadi Naor,
CTO & Co-founder, Alcide

Finding Critical Threats in K8s Audit Logs

Is collecting logs an everyday security practice in your organization? With so many moving parts: operators, controllers and in-cluster components, it becomes crucial. Join this session to learn about how Kubernetes Audit logs can be utilized to enhance the security of Kubernetes based deployments.

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Kevin McGrath,
CTO, Spot

Kubernetes - Reducing Infrastructure Cost and Complexity

In this session, Kevin will dive into the unique challenges of keeping your Kubernetes workloads highly available while keeping costs low. You will learn about how to leverage cloud-native autoscaling, pod requirement right-sizing, resource buffer definition, cost allocation and more.

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Oleg Verhovsky,
CTO & Co-founder, Codefresh

How Migration to Kubernetes Impacts Your Developers

In this talk, we will see the impact that cloud-native applications have on developers and more specifically their development environment, configuration management, and debugging practices

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Rhys Arkins,
Director of Product Mngmt., WhiteSource

Managing the Kubernetes Web of Life

Do you know what's really going into your pods? Follow the interconnected web from GitOps to Charts, Manifests, Images and more - and importantly, how to make sure they're up-to-date and non-vulnerable

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Ran Ribenzaft,
CTO & Co-founder, Epsagon

Managing Observability within K8s

How to effectively monitor your k8s clusters? In this talk, we'll dive into observability within microservice-based environments, best practices, which kubernetes metrics you should follow, and more.

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Rob Zuber,
CTO CircleCI

Abstracting Heavy Lifting: How K8s Speeds Up Multi-Cloud Solution Delivery

CircleCI CTO Rob Zuber will talk about hitting the limits of distribution via an unsophisticated orchestration engine, and how consolidating on K8s helped control networking, security, and availability while minimizing one-off work.

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