Technology Partners

Ensuring a Smooth Digital Transformation

Alcide partners with Azure, Google Cloud Platform and AWS to offer deep visualization of the entire cloud workload, advanced threat protection and managed security groups. By working closely with our technology partners, we ensure that applications and infrastructure are fully managed and secured for a smooth digital transformation.

Cloud Providers

AWS: Integration with EC2, ECS, EKS, Elastic Beanstalk, Lambda, Amazon Linux 2

Automatically Import AWS Security Groups for All Workloads. Auto-import of AWS Security for a granular control policy segmentation, with a simplified central view of all defined policies, in one simple dashboard and get an immediate understanding of the inbound and outbound rules.

Alcide on AWS Marketplace

Google Cloud Platform: Integration with Google Compute Engine (GCE), GKE, Firewall Rules

Surfacing Google Cloud Platform Firewall Rules. Monitor, manage and set all firewall rules in one dashboard and get the high-level picture and the granular policy details to make sure the right policies are set to protect your workloads.

Azure: Integration with Azure Compute, Network Security Groups, AKS, ACS and Azure Functions

Enabling an Easy and Safe Migration of Your Cloud to Microsoft Azure. Providing Azure real-time visibility to reveal the infrastructure, apps and network security groups, as well as provides Azure threat protection to prevent cyber attacks and detect behavior anomalies

Alcide on Azure Marketplace