Dev-to-Production Network Security
for K8s Native Workloads

Kubernetes Security

Network Security

Continuous Audit & Compliance

Alcide is a cloud-native network security leader that focuses on three key security areas: Kubernetes security, network security, and continuous audit& compliance. 

Today’s new distributed and an increasingly service-centric world driven by DevOps and Kubernetes adoption is complex. This complexity translates into a multitude of security risks, challenges & mitigation strategies that require a fundamentally different approach to security while supporting business velocity continuously and unconditionally. This creates a need for a unified and automated security framework that is capable to adapt to different microservices environments while at the same time continuously secure them with coherent security policies.

HL Architecture with advisor July 21

Alcide helps Security, DevOps and Network teams with today’s complex and unique cloud environments by providing them with the following:

  • Real-time audit of all K8s- related risk, governance and compliance issues, including auditing, topology, network, policies scans, and automated common vulnerabilities and exposures checks.
  • Microservices Firewall that is optimized for complex cloud deployments
  • Advanced threat detection to protect against advanced attacks such as DNS exfiltration, poisoning and port scanning that surpass traditional protection layers.
  • Continuous audit and compliance

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