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Visibility and Control for Cloud-Native Apps and Infrastructure

Superior Visibility

Presenting both the infrastructure/physical layer to service connectivity map, and the platform policies and security groups of the orchestration tools, while helping DevOps teams monitor the application health

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Threat Protection for cloud-native apps & infrastructure

Proven data breach detection engine, as well as protection against attacks, overlooked or undetected by traditional protection layers, including DNS exfiltration, spoofing, poisoning, lateral movement.

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Security Policy as Code

See all the defined policies, platforms policies as well as container orchestration policies, in one simple dashboard. Get an immediate understanding of inbound and outbound rules and enforce application aware embedded policies across cloud infrastructure and micro-service interactions.

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For Cloud Architect

Get a panoramic view of your data center while staying in control with a nuanced and comprehensive understanding of the context and interconnectivity of your applications and services

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For Security Teams

Bring your own security groups; understand application-aware policies; enforce firewall policies and behavior-based anomalies and easily monitor multiple accounts in multiple environments

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For DevOps

Get a simple view of your cloud connections and interactions, from the infrastructure level down to your applications in real time. Don’t tie yourself to one vendor. Stay agile, stay adaptive.

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