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Designed for today’s complex multi-cloud, multi-account, multi-data center environment, Alcide provides comprehensive, real-time, single-pane visibility into the network infrastructure and deployed services. Toggle conveniently between aerial and granular views to reveal otherwise hidden security blind spots — across containers, VMs, bare metal, and third-party services.

Data center management teams can get clear and prescriptive security alerts, empowering them to respond to events in real time. Whether it is a cyber attack from outside the organization or malicious internal activity and data exfiltration, Alcide does the heavy lifting so that you can centrally orchestrate and automatically enforce multiple security policies with ease.

At the core of Alcide’s value offering is a consolidated platform that can safely integrate with external resources and provides a single easy-to-use multi-environment enforcement regime — covering on-premise, private cloud, and public cloud, as well as all of your compute technologies.


Alcide Full-Stack Cloud Native Security Platform

We help organizations secure their cloud ops by giving them powerful visibility, threat protection for cloud-native apps and infrastructure, and the ability to manage security policies in their own comfort zone.

Enjoy the Benefits

Stay in Control

Alcide protects your data center while keeping you in constant control. Key to this is the platform’s smart, label-based, and streamlined firewall and security policy configurations. Through multiple layers of protection, starting at the host level and ending at the application, Alcide lets you quickly and comprehensively manage your security policies.

Simplified Security Within

Alcide secures the data center against cyber attacks, including malicious internal activity and data exfiltration. Its security includes policy enforcement, workload segmentation, and detection and isolation of misbehaving workloads.

DevSecOps Friendly

In the traditional data center DevOps, SecOps, and engineers typically worked within their own respective silos. This isn’t the case in the modern data center, where across-the-organization security policies and standards must be cohesive, comprehensive, and embedded directly into the firewall.

Supported Platforms

AzureAWSGCPK8sAWS Lambda