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Alcide Announces its Native Integration With Amazon’s EKS

Amazon Selected Alcide Amongst Top Vendors for its Elastic Container Service for Kubernetes

Tel Aviv, Israel (June 5, 2018) Alcide, provider of the full-stack cloud-native security platform, today announced that it is to be part of a select number of vendors selected for the Amazon Elastic Container Service for Kubernetes (EKS). Amazon EKS is a managed Kubernetes service that enables it to easily run Kubernetes on AWS without the need to install and operate any additional Kubernetes clusters.

“We have selected a handful of vendors that integrate with Amazon EKS who have demonstrated superiority in their segments,” Bob Wise, Amazon General Manager EKS. “Alcide has a sound technological ingenuity that provides one integrated cloud-native security solution that complements our offering to secure Kubernetes control plane, without needing to worry about provisioning, upgrades or patching.”  

EKS does all the heavy lifting of cluster provisioning, life-cycle management, availability, resiliency updating, and upgrades. By seamlessly integrating with EKS, whether running one or dozens of EKS clusters, customers can benefit from an unparalleled visibility and deep network security monitoring of all running workloads, across multiple accounts and regions. With Alcide, EKS customers can monitor changes and visually explore Kubernetes Network Policies and how they are layered on top of Amazon Security Groups, enabling policies to be easily tuned and refined through application labeling and apply to the relevant tier in the organization. Alcide Security Groups integration aims to help security teams with a simple management and control of their entire AWS assets.

“We are thrilled to be part of the selected vendors empowering customers to benefit from the simplicity Amazon EKS brings to Kubernetes on AWS,” said Gadi Naor, CTO, and co-founder, Alcide. “Amazon EKS is built on the rock-solid AWS foundations, with its EC2 networking and IAM fine-grained resource access controls and PrivateLink, and dramatically reduces the complexity found in today’s self-managed Kubernetes deployments. Alcide enhances this with an unprecedented approach to always-on visibility of all critical EKS clusters, their running workloads and kubernetes network policies that are needed in today’s complex cloud environments.”  

Alcide was purpose-built to protect hybrid, and cloud ops environments by providing a simplified viewpoint and controls to manage and secure the complex cloud, at any scale. This includes policy enforcement and workload supervision with an unprecedented breadth and depth of visibility – offering the best possible defense against the risks of running cloud workloads.


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