Kubernetes Security for DevOps

Kubernetes Multi-cluster Vulnerability Scanner
from Your CI/CD Pipeline

Alcide Kubernetes Advisor is a Kubernetes multi-cluster vulnerability scanner that covers rich Kubernetes and Istio security best practices and compliance checks such as Kubernetes vulnerability scanning, hunting misplaced secrets, or excessive secret access, workload hardening from Pod Security to network policies, Istio security configuration and best practices, Ingress controllers for security best practices, Kubernetes API server access privileges and Kubernetes operators security best practices.

DevOps teams enjoy the continuous, always-on, dynamic analysis of their Kubernetes deployments including:

  • Snapshot of cluster’s risks & hygiene including a detailed list of misconfigurations
  • Detecting hygiene drifts and consequently reducing noise by putting the spot-on cluster hygiene delta
  • Real-time prevention of misconfiguration as well as blocking tainted CI/CD pipeline

Continuous Audit & Compliance of Kubernetes Clusters

Get a single-pane view for all K8s-related issues: audit, compliance, topology, network, policies, and threats with Alcide Advisor, and integrate it with your CI/CD pipeline.

Create a baseline profile of a specific cluster, and then compare it against a blueprint profile to highlight how it differs with Alcide app-formation. This will ensure that you get a continuous change control with actionable recommendations and risk scoring.

Since Alcide Advisor is an agentless, pure API based security & hygiene scanner – we support all Kubernetes flavors, managed such as AKS, GKE, EKS, and non-managed clusters built using Kops, kubeadm and alike. And yes, Alcide Advisor supports on-premises Kubernetes clusters.

A Single Window to Monitor Everything

Alcide Advisor simplifies the security assessment of the entire Kubernetes environment, by providing a single window to monitor all relevant risks, covering network policies and topology, and auditing related checks. The entire process is carried over in the background without having any significant impact on any apps or other operations. The key motive behind Alcide Advisor is to ensure continuous security of a Kubernetes environment without impacting DevOps agility.

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