Kubernetes Audit Logs 
Made Easy

Identify abnormal administrative activity and compromised Kubernetes resources

Identify Anomalous K8s Behaviours
Beyond Configuration Rules

Identifying the K8s workloads that contains sensitive information such as access to critical databases throughout their lifecycle is a real challenge.
Alcide kAudit identifies anomalous behaviors and suspicious activity patterns while observing them with extended context, beyond configured rules, such as:


Can gain access to K8s-based clusters or pods through social engineering


Lateral cluster or pod movement, privilege escalation, data access and data manipulation

Exploited Vulnerabilities in
the Kubernetes API Server

Authentication, authorization, admission control or validation requests breaches

Violated Security

Which are in conflict with compliance best practices

Focus on Kubernetes breaches and incidents while reducing detection time

Automatically and proactively investigate and forensically analyze multi-cluster Kubernetes deployment for breaches, anomalous behavior, and misuses in real-time. By leveraging Kubernetes audit logs,  Alcide kAudit summarises detected anomalies alongside important access, usage and performance of Kubernetes cluster trends and statistics for investigation and auditing.

Reactively investigate a specific operational or security problem

Known problems are traced back to the responsible party, root causes or contributing factors via fully context-aware, post-mortem investigation, employing automated forensic analysis of associations from state to causing action and previous secure state.

Proactively identify non-compliant behavior

Proactively identify non-compliant behavior based on a configured set of rules, that faithfully identify all violations of an organization’s policies, with comprehensive trails of non-compliant activity that has taken place. With automated filters, a collection of such alerts is periodically delivered to compliance investigators for immediate actioning.


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