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K8s Breakfast Club: Checking in with Vipin Mohan (@AWS @containers)

May 31, 2020

Welcome to the K8s Breakfast Club, our vlog series featuring conversations with inspiring peers and friends from the cloud-native ecosystem. This week, Alcide CTO and co-founder Gadi Naor is giving containers-expert and segment lead at AWS, Vipin Mohan, a call to see what’s currently happening in his container world.



In this session we spoke with Vipin about serverless, unikernels and DevSecOps. We wanted to know what the future holds for containers, K8s and cloud-native in general, and how agility, portability and community have an impact on open source.


You can use K8s but you don’t need to take care of the nodes

Let’s get started with the important stuff. We wanted to hear what Vipin is having for breakfast and what’s been keeping him busy! Spoiler alert – it’s usually a bowl of oatmeal but if he’s feeling special then a nice veggie omelet is what he will indulge himself with.

Nowadays, he’s getting to spend more time with his family as well as stepping up to help his community find jobs, prepare for interviews, write resumes, and basically anything that he can do to support them.

Vipin sees Kubernetes at the core of microservices architecture development. During this conversation, he talks about the beauty of Kubernetes and the fact that we’re going to see even more development in the coming years. With Fargate for EKS, customers don’t have to do the undifferentiated heavy lifting for managing Kubernetes clusters. At the end of the day, it’s all about simplicity.


2023 prediction: unikernels in the wild?

With the launch of Fargate on the AWS EKS backend at re:Inforce 2019, AWS customers can now run K8s pods on EKS Fargate. When looking beyond Fargate and Knative, the next thing Vipin sees is unikernel, which he notes is still in an experimental stage. This could be an interesting development to follow as the next big thing after serverless.


Let’s talk about DevSecOps…

Gadi: ‘DevSecOps…What is this thing?”

Vipin: “It’s about integrating security practices within the DevOps process.” It’s about creating a security-as-code mindset as it fosters greater collaboration between different teams – release teams, DevOps teams and security teams. And that’s the big cultural shift we are witnessing today.

Watch our full video to learn more about Vipin’s take on the importance of cloud-native ecosystems — not just in production and distribution, but in the product itself—and stay tuned for more videos.


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