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Extend Hybrid-Cloud Efficiency With AWS Outposts and Alcide

September 21, 2020
Alon Berger
Product Marketing Manager

Whether you are on the cloud or still need to run your applications and workloads on-premise, Amazon Web Services (AWS) continues to innovate when it comes to supporting its devoted customers in any environment.

Hybrid cloud keeps increasing rapidly and with AWS announcing Outposts in late 2018, numerous organizations and companies have been waiting for its launch.These businesses can now enjoy an enhanced hybrid cloud experience, offering new standards of flexibility and agility.

AWS Outposts – the Basics

As a fully managed service, AWS Outposts are basically configurable compute and storage racks, extending AWS Infrastructure, services, APIs, and additional tools for on-premise resources. Outposts is designed to be ideal for low-latency workloads that require access to local data storage and on-premise systems. As mentioned in AWS documentation, these outposts will connect to the nearest AWS region, in order to provide reliable and consistent control plane management and services.

Some of the most meaningful benefits of Outposts are easy to pick. Starting from the most dominant one; leveraging AWS services and full-blown capabilities for your on-premise resources. In addition, running EC2 instances, ECS containers, and EKS for Kubernetes orchestration is easily scaled and managed via simple API calls to start and stop Docker-enabled applications.

In terms of computing, AWS Outposts offers support for optimized compute-intensive workloads, accelerated memory performance, and enhanced graphics capabilities.


How does It work?

Kicking off with AWS Outposts is fairly simple, starting with selecting your desired Outpost configuration via AWS management console. You will have a catalog of options at your disposal, providing the most suitable EC2 and EBS requirements.

After installation takes place by one of AWS personnel, the Outpost rack will be connected to the relevant AWS region and local network, allowing you to launch your instances and utilize AWS services from the management console with the same common API commands.




Kubernetes Security for the Hybrid Cloud


From the customer point of view, the importance of quick analysis and early identification of potential security risks is absolutely crucial. This is where Alcide, with its Kubernetes security solution, fits right in.


Alcide is a Kubernetes security leader on a journey to bridge the gap between DevOps and security teams, enabling seamless security guardrails for Kubernetes deployments and workloads. Alcide provides a single Kubernetes-native, AI-driven, security platform for cross Kubernetes aspects: configuration risks, visibility across clusters, and run-time security events. Combined with policies enforcement, and a behavioral anomaly engine that detects anomalous and malicious network activity, Alcide ensures that the entire dev-to-production pipeline is secured.


Alcide recently announced that it has achieved the AWS Outposts Ready designation, part of the AWS Service Ready Program. Achieving the AWS Outposts Ready designation differentiates Alcide as an AWS Partner Network (APN) member with a product fully tested on AWS Outposts, demonstrating successful integration with AWS Outposts.

We are proud to achieve AWS Outposts Ready status at launch. At Alcide, we keep our tradition of being at the forefront of Kubernetes Security with yet another innovation, keeping our mission of ensuring any Kubernetes deployment of our clients will run smoothly and securely,” said Amir Ofek, Alcide’s CEO. “Our team is dedicated to helping companies achieve their technology goals by leveraging the agility, breadth of services, and pace of innovation that AWS provides.



AWS Outposts is undoubtedly yet another cornerstone that promotes enterprises to become fully cloud-based organizations, running applications on their own data centers.

It provides additional innovation opportunities with its cloud services and bringing them directly to your on-premise resources.

With constant increasing complexity with distributed environments, Alcide offers its security solution for seamless integration with AWS, complimenting its services by adding a multi-cluster security automation layer.

As a proud and advanced technical partner with AWS, Alcide delivers continuous Kubernetes security with a high level of hygiene and management capabilities, ultimately accelerating operation processes and empowering both DevOps and security teams.



About the author

Alon profile

Alon Berger

Product Marketing Manager

Alon Berger is a Product Marketing Manager at Alcide and an experienced Technical Engineer with a demonstrated history of working in the computer software industry. Skilled in R&D Operations management, Cyber Security, Cloud platforms, and DevSecOps methodologies. Alon served in the 8200 unit and holds a BSc in Computer Science.

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