Set Your DevSecOps Free to Accelerate Business Velocity

Don’t Compromise on Scalability and Ops Flexibility

DevsecOps emerged on the IT stage about a decade ago in response to the bottlenecks that were preventing organizations from truly leveraging the promise of agile software development processes to shorten times to market.

As enterprises internalized that customer centricity and customer-responsiveness were essential to establishing and maintaining their competitive edge, IT was under pressure to find ways to support frequent and quicker releases without compromising quality—and DevOps was born. While the operations team is responsible for ensuring the uptime of the infrastructure, the DevOps team has to ensure the responsiveness and performance of the application. With the introduction of the shift left approach, it encouraged DevOps teams to address application security not as an afterthought, but rather as yet another integral part of the app design and code, like testing and deployment.

Learn how to integrate Kubernetes effectively into your DevOps workflow and culture.