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Continuous Audit & Compliance

Kubernetes Audit Logs Analysis Made Easy

Real-time, Automated K8s Forensics and Analysis

The dynamic, distributed and ephemeral nature of Kubernetes deployments results in workloads being added, removed or modified at a fast pace. Security teams’ demands for safeguarding and monitoring Kubernetes deployments are many, and increasing, and also include the swift identification of users, and roles, with legitimate reasons for accessing sensitive database-workloads at any given time. This calls for a solution that can monitor and conform to the organization’s compliance and policies in order to: Identify anomalous behaviors and suspicious activity patterns, such as unknown suspicious events, and focus compliance investigations on Kubernetes misuses, for example, known organization policy violation events.

Detect specific Insider Threats in Kubernetes Audit Logs

Depending on the specifics of the breach method, this detection may be during the reconnaissance phase that ‘predates’ the actual breach, or ‘closely after’ the occurrence of the initial compromise, or ‘during’ an escalation or lateral movement phases that follow the initial breach. Providing a single pane of glass for all teams to zero in on the critical anomalies and breaches in their infrastructure in real time is crucial.

Detecting and alerting users of suspicious activity in near real time also helps teams to avoid the alarm fatigue that comes with alerts based on analyzing all K8s log aberrations.


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