Continuous Application Delivery
Requires a Continuous Security Approach

Continuous Dev-to-Production K8s Security.

Alcide Dev-to-Production cloud-native security introduces a new approach to cloud security which provides a dedicated offering for each stage of the development pipeline.

By integrating with the CI/CD pipeline, Alcide embeds its security policies in the coding stage, enabling developers to whitelist their policies early on. Alcide provides a single pane of glass for all K8S-related issues, including audit, compliance, topology, network, policies, and threats.

Lastly, Alcide Microservices Firewall, complimented with microservices anomaly detection and advanced threat intelligence is helping Security and DevOps team to enforce security policies in an automated and frictionless manner.

The Benefits

  • Continuously deploy and monitor K8S clusters, nodes, and pods in a secure manner
  • Harden Production environment by resolving security issues in development and staging environments
  • Mitigate security risks before being exploited
  • Get actionable recommendations for risks mitigation