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Container Security


Securing Containers with Alcide

Containers emerged in response to two key drivers: more efficient use of computing resources: Containers encapsulate all application components (code, OS and networking configurations, libraries, dependencies, and so on) into stand-alone, lightweight, packages that are instantiated as required during runtime; Reliable app portability across complex, hybrid infrastructures: With system requirements clearly defined in the container image, containers are highly portable throughout the application lifecycle (dev, test, production) and across public and private clouds as well as traditional data centers.

Because containers are lightweight and resource-efficient, they start virtually instantaneously and can thus be spun up on demand and torn down when not needed in order to free up compute resources. The highly ephemeral nature of containers makes it challenging to implement effective security controls during runtime. Alcide provides runtime protection for your containerized environment by applying real-time visibility and observability across the container environment and setting application context built-in security policies.