Our Story

Why We Founded Alcide?

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Alcide founders Gadi Naor and Ranny Nachmias

Alcide is the lesser-known name of Hercules, the gatekeeper of Olympus. The Greek hero keeps a constant and watchful eye over Mount Olympus — from its base to its summit — in search of intruders. Inspired by our namesake, Alcide is the gatekeeper to your cloud enterprise operations.

Our mission is to become a trusted advisor to our clients. We saw that enterprises’ use of their cloud ops was evolving at such a rapid pace, and that security was having a hard time keeping up with that evolution. We created Alcide to fill the gap between DevOps and security so that there could be a more seamless flow between all stakeholders. We speak the language of DevOps, with real-time visibility of operations, and the language of Security, with deep analysis and control to manage the modern data center. To truly secure the modern data center and hybrid cloud, we believe all stakeholders require a coordinated strategy that enables various teams to work symbiotically.

We created a new kind of solution. One designed specifically for the complex hybrid, multi-cloud environment, and one that works for all the stakeholders who operate and protect in this new era. Want to join us?



Alcide is proudly powered by Intel Capital, Elron and CE Ventures

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