Cloud Visibility Redefined

Delivering Superior Visibility to Your Multi-Clusters K8s Deployments

Cloud Topology Discovery

Enables visibility of interdependencies between network and applications

Application-Level Activity

Providing deep security for cloud workloads that understands applications

Topology Discovery of Distributed K8s and Cloud Environments

Alcide utilizes advanced visualization capabilities to provide panoramic, real-time views of distributed data centers from the infrastructure to application activity. Visibility uncovers operational and security blind spots while allowing for granular monitoring and management of both infrastructure and applications. With our Cloud Topology Visualization infrastructure view, we provide a high-level perspective of data center assets and the running services across multi-cloud providers and accounts. It also offers in-context information regarding network activities, asset states, security policies, and metadata from the cloud or orchestration platforms. With the Application-Level Activity, we provide a real-time map of all running microservices, their internal network traffic, and their traffic to external third-party services. This enables drilling down to any workload, instance, and serverless level to inspect and examine network behavior. Alcide provides superior cloud overlay visibility — empowering for DevOps, effective for security.

Enjoy the Benefits

  • Security abstraction and automation for simplifying complex cloud-stack
  • Unique infrastructure view with mapping to the application layer
  • Pinpoint to an anomalous entity quickly and easily