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Reltio Secures Customer Data Innovation & Multi-Cloud Strategy with Kubernetes and Alcide Security

Reltio for case study page
Reltio for case study page
I was trying to find a security solution that understands cloud-native application infrastructure and had proven success in Kubernetes environments.
Terence Runge, Chief Information Security Officer, Reltio

The Challenges

Security & Compliance review of Kubernetes environments prior to release
Establish policy-based, continuous security guardrails for compliance purposes without slowing down DevOps
Network runtime visibility into Kubernetes workloads

The Solutions

Alcide Advisor was used to perform a security scan, scan policy customization, and actionable remediation guidelines
Alcide Runtime (ART) and cloud dashboard for Kubernetes infrastructure and application network visibility and security monitoring

The Results

Fast turnaround with Alcide Advisor saved Reltio from performing a time-consuming manual review
DevOps was able to move faster with automated and continuous controls testing rather than navigating roadblocks from security
Security & Compliance teams remained constantly informed and alerted on changes to the Kubernetes environments, attempted attacks, and intra-cluster activity
Real-time alert and monitoring of data exfiltration that saved the company time and budget