EUPRAXIA LABS Uses Alcide to Secure Its Kubernetes Workloads

Secure Its Kubernetes Workloads-02

Eupraxia Labs delivers free or open source software to accelerate the development of business applications, enhance and integrate business applications, develop new microservices, and migrate monolithic business applications to a Docker container-based cloud-native environment. Consequently Eupraxia Labs needed a new cloud-native tool that can easily integrate with their multiple cloud-native environments and start to alert on potential drifts and configurations immediately.

Secure Its Kubernetes Workloads-02
Getting control of our distributed Kubernetes environments is a top priority for us. As such we need a strong network security platform that talks Kubernetes and understand Kuberenetes. We began looking into dedicated Kubernetes products, and after comparing several products, decided to use Alcide.”
David J. Brewer, founder


Topology Visualization
Detect misconfiguration early on before they are exploited in runtime
Scaling with Kubernetes without compromising on security


Alcide Kubernetes Advisor to get a snapshot of the multiple clusters we run
Cloud topology discovery for mapping apps inventory to cloud infrastructure
Microservices firewall for enforcing a unified and automated set of policies in production environment


Significantly reduce security drifts in production environment
One-stop shop for everything Kubernetes: vulnerability scanner, threat intelligence and microservices firewall
Enabled a real-time prevention of misconfiguration