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Cloud Visibility Redefined

Delivering Powerful Visibility to Your Hybrid and Multi-Cloud Environments



Get simultaneously granular and panoramic real-time views of your distributed data center — from the infrastructure to the application level.

Alcide gives you unparalleled, live insights into the activities transpiring in your cloud environment. 360-degree visibility shines a light on erstwhile operational and security blind spots while allowing for granular monitoring and management of both infrastructure and applications.

Multiple Accounts Management

Monitoring and managing your cloud operations across multiple accounts can be a hassle. Monitoring and managing your cloud operations with multiple accounts across multiple cloud service providers can be a nightmare. Delivering panoramic visibility for your enterprise cloud deployment, Alcide at once gives you the big picture and the fine detail  presenting your cloud workloads in a well-structured and intuitive visual arrangement, accessible and actionable through a single easy-to-use dashboard. Alcide provides superior cloud overlay visibility empowering for DevOps, effective for security.

Application Health at the Tip of Your Fingers

When it comes to identifying early-stage microservice malfunctions, it all starts with knowing what’s going on in the environment. That means knowing which services are being activated by which other services, at what frequency, and with what data volume. Drill all the way down to the workload, instance, and serverless level to inspect network behavior, and examine network behavior according to each instance. Present a service connectivity map including calls to external service providers and ensure that you know when services are being called and rogue service calls never go unnoticed.

More Control Over Cloud Environment

The Alcide platform is ideally suited to the task of centralizing security policies and orchestration management across hybrid deployments. With a single point of view consolidating all your cloud activities (spanning from the data center up to the application) and interfacing directly with your cloud configurations, you can patrol and control the full breadth of your hybrid cloud deployment all in one place. Stay ahead of the curve at all times, utilizing advanced visualization capabilities, smart filters, well enforced label-based policies, automation, and machine learning enabled threat detection.