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Cloud Native Threat Protection

Protecting Your Public & Private Cloud

To secure your enterprise’s cloud-based assets, you need a centralized monitoring and management platform that quickly and accurately delivers both panoramic and granular visibility.

Alcide automates and unifies cyber protection across private as well as public cloud environments and any arrangement of data center operations. With protection against malicious internal activity and data exfiltration, security teams can restrict unapproved access, enforce domain segregation and prevent cyber threats.

Cloud Native Application & Infrastructure

The complex web of interactions that originate from your data center and culminate in application activities is captured on an ongoing basis in an infrastructure-to-app connectivity map. A visual representation of the cloud ecosystem makes it relatively quick and easy to process a wealth of information that would otherwise be exceedingly difficult to monitor. This enables swift incident investigation, and pinpoint surgical response and isolation, and monitor the applications’ health and get alerts when misbehaved.

Multiple Cloud Providers & Multi-Compute

Building a cloud-based operation means building a decentralized infrastructure. With that decentralization comes complexity, which often portends a weakening of controls and obfuscation of operational visibility. That’s even truer when you rely on multiple cloud providers. In today’s business environment, that may open you up to risks that you simply can’t afford and too many tools to manage and monitor. Avoid vendor lock-in security gaps with Alcide’s visualized matrix to ensure business continuity.

Data Breach Protection

Alcide automatically flags and quarantines suspicious workloads that may serve as the prerequisite to an attack or have been breached. A visualized cloud activity matrix makes it easy to drill down into the suspicious workload component, quickly make sense of the attempt, and respond accordingly.