Securing Complex Kubernetes Environments

Powering up end-to-end, continuous dev-to-production security for workloads running on Kubernetes

Through a single, K8s-native, AI-driven security platform, Alcide seamlessly equips DevSecOps to scan, detect and prevent drift, risk and breaches in real time, fully integrating with the CI/CD pipeline. With a single policy framework and end-to-end cluster visibility across Kubernetes clusters, Alcide enables the continuous and automated detection and management of configuration and runtime security risks.

Our use cases are targeted to help developers, DevOps and security teams to discover, manage, and secure their complex Kubernetes deployments.  Alcide secures the cloud infrastructure, workloads and service mesh against tomorrow’s cyber attacks.


Multiple Use Cases to Meet Your Business Need

Security from CI/CD Pipeline

Preventing real-time misconfiguration as well as blocking tainted CI/CD pipeline is essential for ensuring a secure and a healthy development pipeline.

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Identify Anomalous Kubernetes Behaviours

Identifying the K8s workloads that contains sensitive information such as access to critical databases throughout their lifecycle is a real challenge.

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Cloud Micro-segmentation

Alcide’s application-aware micro-segmentation solution offers additional security by helping to secure the application configuration since it looks at behavior patterns of workloads to determine if workloads have been compromised, and then quarantines or terminates those workloads to prevent the spread of malware. 

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Microservices anomaly Detection

The Alcide platform provides a threat detection engine and offers protection against attacks that are either overlooked or undetected by traditional protection layers, including abnormal behaviors and security incidents such as DNS exfiltration, spoofing, poisoning, and lateral movement. 

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