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Amazon Announces EKS General Availability

June 5, 2018

eks-general-availabilityToday is a good day! Amazon’s long-anticipated Elastic Containers Service for KubernetesEKS, is finally available to a general audience to use and enjoy. 

EKS is a managed Kubernetes service with built-in deep integration into AWS’s core infrastructure offering, including services such as EC2 networking, IAM resource access-controls, and more. We at Alcide, were glad to have taken an active role in the EKS preview over the past few months and are very proud to be among those select vendors that natively integrate with EKS.

As of today, AWS offers three container-related products: ECS, EKS, and Fargate. EKS and Fargate were launched December 2017 at Re:Invent 2017. You can read more about the comparison of these products in our recent blog post on the Top Containerization Tools for AWS Deployments.


EKS is AWS’ Kubernetes-as-a-Service offering as it runs upstream Kubernetes with AWS-specific features like Identity and Access Management (IAM) for role-based Amazon resources access control (RBAC) for containers, and Virtual Private Cloud (VPC) for container networking. It also uses a custom Kubernetes Container Network Interface (CNI) to integrate with AWS VPCs.

Simply put, EKS is Kubernetes with the sugar coating Amazon customers need, meaning that your applications can move seamlessly among Kubernetes clusters inside AWS.

Kubernetes Network Policies Explored

By natively integrating with EKS, Alcide provides key features for securing EKS deployments:

  1. A simplified auto-import view of all EKS clusters and Kubernetes Network Policies defined policies
  2. Easily monitor changes done on Kubernetes Network Policies, and the underlying Kubernetes worker nodes security groups
  3. Identify, alarm and block in real time risks created by exposed instances

In this short video demo below, Gadi Naor, CTO and co-founder of Alcide, demonstrates how Alcide integrates with EKS, in a few simple steps: 


Bottom line: EKS offers a great flexibility for customers that are looking for a managed service. With Alcide’s security layer, they get enhanced visibility and security controls in one simple platform.



Read the full press release here:

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