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Kubernetes Security on Google Cloud

Alcide for Google Cloud Platform (GCP) provides a native security solution integrated with Google Kubernetes Engine (GKE). With the relevant Kubernetes security guardrails in place, GCP users can maintain their daily operations smoothly and securely while adhering to strict compliance requirements.

Extending GKE Policy Security Groups

Workload-level policies are enforced at the Pod level policy engine, implemented with eBPF. Alcide amplifies GKE policies through deployment/pod annotations, helping developers to configure build-time security rules for GCP services and external DNS names

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kAdvisor on GKE Deployments

Alcideā€™s platform includes kAdvisor – an agentless, multi-cluster vulnerability scanner that runs periodic and on-demand scans on selected Kubernetes clusters. These scans run on GKE environments, highlighting configuration drifts along the deployment pipeline

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