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Kubernetes Security on Microsoft Azure

Alcide’s native security solution for Microsoft Azure Kubernetes Services (AKS) provides cloud discovery, deep visibility into the entire cloud topology and applications data flow. Combined with a behavioral AI engine that detects suspicious network activity in real-time, Alcide ensures that Kubernetes security best practices are enforced across all AKS deployments.

Alcide kAudit and Azure Sentinel

is a real-time, automated AI-driven security platform for deep analysis and forensics, based solely on Kubernetes audit logs. kAudit is fully integrated with Azure Sentinel, the cloud-native SIEM solution, enabling users to aggregate, investigate, and respond to any events and findings from their Kubernetes clusters, including attacks and policy violations.

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Alcide Joins Microsoft Intelligent Security Association (MISA)

Since its launch in 2018, the Microsoft Intelligent Security Association (MISA) keeps expanding its portfolio of esteemed members and partnerships, focusing on the industry’s leading security solutions. Alcide kAudit is now part of an exclusive growing list of leading security solutions that enable data collection and automation scenarios in Azure Sentinel.

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Azure DevOps and kAdvisor

With a swift integration process, Alcide’s multi-cluster vulnerability scanner – kAdvisor, provides a single-pane view for all Kubernetes-related aspects and is seamlessly integrated with your CI/CD pipeline. Running periodic and on-demand scans ensures security checks and Kubernetes best practices are in place before moving to production

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Extending Azure Policy Security Groups

Workload-level policies are enforced at the Pod level policy engine, implemented with eBPF. Alcide amplifies AKS policies through deployment/pod annotations, helping developers to configure build-time security rules for Azure services and external DNS names

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