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Alcide Joins Microsoft Intelligent Security Association (MISA) to Enhance Kubernetes Security Guardrails

October 8, 2020
Alon Berger
Product Marketing Manager

Since its launch in 2018, the Microsoft Intelligent Security Association (MISA) keeps expanding its portfolio of esteemed members and partnerships, focusing on the industry’s leading security solutions. Today, with over 130 members, MISA brings together critical integrations that benefit shared customers and offers holistic solutions that help them better defend against a world of increasing threats.

Recently, a new successful collaboration was formed between Alcide and MISA, focusing on enhanced Kubernetes security with Alcide’s kAudit solution.
Integrated with Microsoft Azure Sentinel, kAudit is an automated analytics and forensics module that is specifically designed for detecting and identifying suspicious activity, based solely on Kubernetes’ audit logs.

Alcide’s native security solution for Microsoft Azure Kubernetes Services (AKS) provides cloud discovery, deep visibility into the entire cloud topology, and application data flow with ongoing security and hygiene checks that alert on security and misconfiguration drifts. Combined with Alcide behavioral anomaly threat engine that detects anomalous and malicious network activity, Alcide ensures that the entire dev-to-production AKS pipeline is secured. The setup process is swift and brings organizations the ability to have a faster identification of specific Ops and security issues, track back to responsible parties, and troubleshoot and identify root cause with ease.


Policy and Compliance Enforcement – a Top Priority

In addition to automated audit analytics and risk detection, there are also compliance and predefined rules to consider and keep close track of.
Companies deploying Kubernetes-based workloads in many cases also need to align with government and regulation standards designed to protect financial transactions and private or personal information such as PCI, GDPR and HIPAA. Alcide kAudit automatically assembles, catalogs and reports on violations of K8s-related compliance best practices.

kAudit provides easy to use policies with a variety of out-of-the-box templates, aiding users with creating their own customized rules. This enables proactive monitoring for early detection of policy violations and limiting the impact radius of such incidents.


Kubernetes Audit Logs Are Your Source of Truth

Alcide kAudit is now part of an exclusive growing list of leading security solutions that enable data collection and automation scenarios in Azure Sentinel.

Organizations and enterprises are now able to collect and analyze data from different security solutions at cloud scale. With such integration, security teams can meticulously monitor Kubernetes audit logs and identify potential threats while significantly reducing time to detection.

The Microsoft Intelligent Security Association has grown into a vibrant ecosystem comprised of the most reliable and trusted security software vendors across the globe,” said Rani Lofstrom, Senior Product Marketing Manager, Microsoft Security, for the official press-release of this joint effort. “Our members, like Alcide, share Microsoft’s commitment to collaboration within the cybersecurity community to improve our customers’ ability to predict, detect, and respond to security threats faster.

In addition, the Alcide Kubernetes security platform drives security for AKS from CD to Runtime with the help of the Alcide Advisor, a Kubernetes multi-cluster vulnerability scanner that covers rich Kubernetes security best practices and compliance checks.


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Alon Berger

Product Marketing Manager

Alon Berger is a Product Marketing Manager at Alcide and an experienced Technical Engineer with a demonstrated history of working in the computer software industry. Skilled in R&D Operations management, Cyber Security, Cloud platforms, and DevSecOps methodologies. Alon served in the 8200 unit and holds a BSc in Computer Science.

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