Continuous Kubernetes
Audit & Compliance

Get a Snapshot of Your Cluster’s Risks & Hygiene

Alcide Dev-to-Production cloud-native security introduces a new approach to cloud security which provides a dedicated offering for each stage of the development pipeline.

Get a summary of the cluster’s compliance and security status and a detailed list of identified issues, with description and recommendation for quick remediation.

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Prevent Tainted CI/CD Pipeline

Integrated with the CI/CD pipeline, Alcide Kuberentes Advisor provides on-going insights and recommendations for security and misconfiguration drifts detected in the Development stage before they are being exploited in runtime.

Detect Hygiene Drifts

Continuously deploy and monitor K8S clusters, nodes, and pods in a secure manner, by hardening Production environment and resolving security issues early on.

Mitigate security risks before being exploited while getting actionable recommendations for risks mitigation.

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