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Alcide is a Kubernetes security leader empowering DevOps teams to drive frictionless security guardrails to their CI/CD pipelines, and security teams to continuously secure and protect their growing Kubernetes deployments.

Alcide provides a single K8s-native AI-driven security platform for cross Kubernetes aspects: configuration risks, visibility across clusters, runtime security events, and a single policy framework to enforce. Companies use Alcide to scale their Kubernetes deployments without compromising on security. This enables the smooth operation of business apps while protecting cloud deployments from malicious attacks.

Partner Ecosystem

Kubernetes security for SecOps and DevOps with Alcide Advisor, making sure risks are flagged and removed as early as possible
Detect and analyze Kubernetes Incidents with Alcide kAudit
Allow a quick detection of breach attempts or inside attacks and reduce the impact of a successful penetration
Detect and analyze Kubernetes Incidents with Alcide kAudit

Why Alcide

Adopting Alcide saved us from doing a manual review of our Dev. environment, allowing us to go live on the original set date.

By using Alcide Microservices firewall, DFDS were able to enforce application-aware and label based policies.

Alcide Advisor easily enables us to scan for known vulnerabilities across our EKS Kubernetes clusters and quickly remediate any risk before it exposes our production environment.

Enhanced Visibility is a top priority for With our multiple K8s deployments, we wanted to make sure we are in control of our EKS Kubernetes environments

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