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Hybrid cloud is complex.
Securing it can be different.

Full-Stack Cloud Native Security Platform

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Simple, Consolidated Cloud Ops Protection. All in One Platform.

Alcide’s Data Center & Cloud Ops Security Platform protects any combination of container, serverless, VM and bare metal. Offering real-time, aerial visibility and granular perspectives of both infrastructure and applications, Alcide secures the data center against tomorrow’s cyber attacks.

Alcide empowers DevOps, Security and Engineering teams with simplified control to manage and secure the evolving data center and hybrid cloud, at any scale. 

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Alcide's Security Platform Differentiators

Multi platform, Multi cloud

The only cloud-native security solution to support multi-account, multi-cloud, multi-environment

Superior Visibility

In depth view of your infrastructure, service-mesh and critical applications running in your data center

Security Groups Visualized

Auto-import of cloud platform Security Groups and Kubernetes Network Policies

Network Defenses

Expose network blind spots across multiple layers

Threat Protection

Threat protection for cloud-native infrastructure and applications

DevSecOps Enablement

Engage Dev, Ops and Sec teams with simplified security
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